In the beginning….

So here goes, my first proper Blog post!

Its quite nerve wracking the process of starting a fresh and taking a new direction in life.  I’ve always been a stickler for routine and it has been repeatedly said I ‘don’t do change’ very well.  This time though it seems very different, like a weight is gradually being lifted from my shoulders, that there is hope and that light at the end of what seemed an eternally dark tunnel is actually getting nearer.  I’m not sure what has caused this new optimistic outlook but all I can say for certain is that it’s like a wave of certainty that for once things will work out in our favour.

I love my family, I always have and always will.  They are my whole world, but for so long my world was claustrophobic for them, too many things demanding my mind and body and basically getting in their way of me.  My time was constantly being torn away from them like a riptide dragging me further and further out to sea.  They’d try to reach out but the ocean of life was relentless and the more they fought it, the more I’d drown in it.

They say there’s a calm before a storm, but for me the past 12 years have been the ragging storm culminating recently in a ginormous Tsunami of guilt.

12 Years ago my eldest and I were ‘torn apart’ when he was just 3 months old due to my work at the time being totally inflexible and downright awkward demanding I returned to work full time or not at all! Being young, naïve and with bills to pay I was left with little option and with a heavy heart put him into nursery for 40 hours per week.  That is  the biggest regret of my entire life, and trust me I’ve made some humdinger mistakes so far!

In June 2017 I found out I was expecting my second child, due in February 2018, and was overjoyed that my partner and I would finally be having a baby together. I was super excited and this time I was in the very lucky position that I could take a full years Maternity leave to be with my new baby.

January 2018 I commenced my maternity leave and prepared for the arrival of our little boy.  He very punctually arrived on his due date and after only 5 hours in the hospital (He arrived within the first one!) we were allowed home and I was the happiest I’d felt in a very long time. George was perfect and now I could be a new mum all over again, older (definitely) and a little wiser (perhaps) than the last time.  This time I would make the most of every precious second.

So here I am, making a new beginning for me and my family.  I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, the past 12 years may not have been the kindest but they have provided me with my two amazing boys, my wonderful fiancé and a wealth of experience.

This Blog will hopefully become a reason to celebrate, a place to share all those wonderful things that you learn throughout life and somewhere to show people just what living is all about.  The good things we find along the way, the fun games we play and quite simply the everyday days that can be just as precious!

So thanks for reading and if you like it tell a friend and come back for my next post!

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