Just for Grownups

Our Best Grown Up Getaways

Ok so having a family is THE best thing in the whole world but……dare I say it…… sometimes it’s nice to just be a couple again.

No need for feelings of guilt, you deserve to have some quality alone time with your other half and, childcare dependant, a short mini break or weekend getaway can be just the ticket!

Now I HATE leaving my children, not because I think they won’t be looked after or anything daft like that, I just don’t like being without them. I miss them and I do find the whole leaving them behind thing very difficult. This however doesn’t stop me doing just that! I know that for my relationship to remain a healthy one I need to be just a Fiancé and not the Mum of the family once in a while!

My Fiancé and I usually get away for a long weekend or mini break maybe once a year if we’re lucky, so it’s not like we abandon the children every other weekend. We’ve been to a few different places and if I’m honest I REALLY enjoy being me and not Mum for a couple of days! (after the tears of leaving the kids subside, usually about 10 mins down the road!)

Here are my top places we’ve been (so far!) to just be a couple:

• Rome

Yes I know it’s abroad but all I can say is this was THE best romantic getaway we’ve ever had. 3 Days of walking all around Rome, visiting The Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, The Colosseum, Piazza Navona, The Spanish Steps the list goes on and on. We must have walked a million miles but we had such an incredible time. I would highly recommend Rome for a getaway. We went in February, the weather was lovely and most of the time you just needed a jumper.  We stayed at the Hotel Splendide Royal which was utterly divine! Cannot wait to go back one day!

• York – IMG_3995 UK one and our favourite place to visit, we go every year as a whole family on a shopping trip before Christmas but we loved our Weekend away here just us grownups! Granted it was November and the weather was not so great but we stayed in the Principal York Hotel and it was fabulous! We celebrated my other half’s birthday at the Missoula Bar & Grill and it too was amazing!

Manchester – Another UK one and this one was linked to my IMG_6229partners works Christmas party. We stayed an extra night and had a really great time shopping and going around the Christmas market! We stayed at the very luxurious Midland Hotel right in the city centre and the restaurant was great. The Ball was a wonderful evening and the Pianist in the bar was exceptional.

• Dublin – We actually came here with my partners family only1934119_19161552973_6762_n (1) a few months after we met. The City is amazing and the bars and live music are out of this world! We stayed at The Brooks Hotel in Dublin city centre and again it was fantastic. Walking distance from all the shops and bars including the famous Temple Bar which, by the way, you MUST go to! We visited the Guiness Factory (and YES Guiness does taste better in Ireland!) and went on the Viking Boat Trip which was just the best fun ever! I’ve never laughed so much in my life, my cheeks were hurting by the time we got off!

gray concrete castle with flag on top under blue sky• Windsor – Another works party and again we stayed an extra
night. This time staying at the De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel. We were in the new complex section of the hotel which was nice but we have family who have stayed in the old part of the hotel and say it’s even nicer. From here we went into Windsor and went for a tour of Windsor Castle which I would highly recommend!

Our next trip will be to London in November this year and I’ll be adding reviews of the Hotel we’re staying in and any other things we see or do whilst were there when we get back! Can’t wait!

I also have a bit of a bucket list going for our Grown Up getaways so I’ll include this here to maybe offer you some inspiration too!

  •  Edinburgh
  • Whitby
  • Cromer
  • Newquay
  • Torquay
  • Bath
  • New Forest
  • Paris
  • Belgium
  • Reykjavík
  • Monaco
  • San Tropez
  • Madrid
  • Spa


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