My top 7 buys for pregnancy

You’re pregnant, Congratulations!

Positive Test

Get ready for the emotional rollercoaster of the next 9 months and more!

It’ll be amazing!

Now I LOVE being pregnant, I’ve never quite understand those woman who say they HATE it, but were not all the same and our experiences can be VERY different.  Now don’t get me wrong sometimes being pregnant is not such a walk in the park, but every single second I have that little tiny baby growing inside me I feel in total awe of what my body is doing. Making a person, how cool is that!

Less than 6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound
Less than 6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Now I’ll admit I’ve had two fairly straightforward pregnancies and births.  I’m sure for anyone who hasn’t their story will be decidedly different.  My boys were both born naturally at full term, George punctually on his due date and my eldest, true to character, 10 days late!  My birth stories therefore are quite simple and uncomplicated but no less amazing!  I won’t bore you with those here, that can be for another blog post.

When thinking back to my latest pregnancy with George I realised there were some things that I wouldn’t have wanted to be without.  Things that made growing a person that little bit easier.  So I’ve compiled a short list of my ‘MUST haves’ so you can have a look and see if there’s anything you might like or want to try!

1. Bio Oil – What an amazing product! I wish I’d used this the first time round!  When I was about 3 months pregnant with George I started using Bio Oil and used it daily from then on throughout the pregnancy.  Not a new stretch mark in sight!

2. Maternity Leggings – SOOOO Comfy. I purchased mine from Peacocks, they are an absolute luxury to wear, so so comfy over bump and I basically lived in them.

3. Maternity Pillow – Sleep is so underrated! I was bought one of these by my partner and it was the best present for a pregnant me ever! Makes sleeping so much more comfortable as bump grows.

4. Maternity Bras – Yes your boobs do get bigger (In my case a HUGE bonus as I’m not normally gifted in that department!) however with the new bustier look comes a certain degree of discomfort.  A well fitted maternity bra is an absolute MUST and I swear by the Marks & Spencer ones. Great quality, pretty options and super comfy.
M&S Collection 2 Pack Maternity Lace Full Cup Bras B-G

5. Sleep Bra – Yes boobs are a major talking point but trust me you’ll want a sleep bra, I had some wide strap ones from ASDA and they were fab.
ASDA Comfort Bra

6. Big Pants – Yup no thongs here ladies! Now some ladies do but I am not some ladies, I like my creature comforts and whilst pregnant the big maternity briefs were heaven! Super soft on the sensitive skin of bump and yes you can get some pretty ones! I used the Mothercare plain ones and found them to fit very nicely over my ever increasing Bump.

7. Slip on shoesIMG_7237Simply for ease of getting them on and off! I had a fantastic pair of brown loafers from Marks & Spencer and they were brilliant, super comfy and wide fit when my feet started to swell. I loved them so much I now have another pair for ‘best’.
M&S Collection Wide Fit Leather Boat Shoes

So there you have it, no big surprises, no secrets, just simple, straight forward things that, I think, really do make growing a person that little bit easier.

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