Colours of the season: Autumn

Now you’ll probably hear me say I love every season, and it’s completely true, I do, but I love them each in very different ways.

I truly do LOVE Autumn though.  What does it for me is the gorgeous light, the rich intense colours and the spectacular transformations that happen over the next month or two.
Autumn, for me feels like a new beginning, strange I know you’d normally associate such a feeling with Spring but for me

it really does! As the heat of the summer subsides, the bleached out landscapes start to turn every glorious shade of copper and gold. The dimming light gently wraps around everything with its warming glow and the slight nip in the air reminds us we are still alive. I simply LOVE it!

When out and about I just adore looking around and seeing how everything’s changing with the season, the colours, the denseness and what was once familiar, adorned with thick rich green foliage, has now become something new and exciting to see.

The once hidden lattice of support for that big green canopy is now revealed in all its magnificent glory and accents of pillar-box Red or Tangerine Orange adorn the hedgerows ready to feed scavengers throughout the colder winter months.

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Acorns and conkers litter the new crispy path underfoot, leaves float gracefully down to the ground as if time is slowing their demise. Roses are hanging onto their final flourish of glory before the first frosts rob them of their blooms and Hydrangeas are changing chameleon like from green to burgundy and then aubergine.

adult beautiful cold face
Autumn is also the time for layers, the lovely thick woollen jumpers can come out of the cupboard and that feeling of warming comfort you’d forgotten returns like an old friend. The rich glorious colours mimicking the great outdoors with Plums, Burgundy’s, Mustards and Browns revitalise your wardrobe and those trusty brown boots get a dusting off and see the light of day once more.

ca0fa6ddbd35b50617e82cf610bd88882e0622c1_84217_1Another luxury of the Autumn wardrobe is wearing my hats and ear warmers again! I simply adore my Pomskii hat and even George now has 2 in his collection.  I also wouldn’t be without my Neoprene lined Aiglé Parcours 2 Iso wellingtons when out on a crisp autumn morning walking the dogs.  I have to say these wellingtons are a total game changer, by far the very best wellingtons I have EVER owned.  They are so warm and comfy, like a favourite pair of slippers, you can walk miles in them and your feet would never notice!

The sunrise and the sunset bring a new broader interest to the skies in autumn. The fiery sunsets shower the evening sky with glorious shades of pinks, oranges and blues and the darker nights revealing their hidden gems twinkling brightly alongside their ever faithful companion the Moon.

The main event in autumn for our household is picking our Pumpkins for Halloween. We love it and go to a huge local Pumpkin Patch at Maxeys Farm Shop to hand choose the perfect one for each of us. (Yes we each have our own pumpkin.) The sight of a field full to bursting with huge orange globes with children running about, all excited is a wonderful sight to behold. If you do one thing this autumn, go take yourself to a Pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. You don’t even have to celebrate Halloween, you could always make yourself some lovely soup with it!

orange pumpkin lot

All in all, autumn is a fantastic season to get outside, feel the change in the air, see the colours and live life.

I will be doing a blog specifically about Halloween nearer the time so keep a look out for that one!

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