Beside the Seaside

Beside the Seaside: Chapel Six Marshes, Lincolnshire UK

Situated on the East Coast of Lincolnshire this place holds a VERY special place in my heart.

I’ve visited Chapel Six Marshes more times than I can remember, and I will keep on doing so, because it really is very special. There are no shops, no amusements, no funfair, no donkey rides, in fact there is a car park and toilet block and that’s it. It’s perfect! A totally unspoilt bit of coastline where you can take the dog and in my case the horse too!
IMG_7293Now very sadly I no longer keep horses but when I did this was our beach of choice. I was introduced to the place by a very dear friend, who sadly I lost contact with many years ago, when she took me for my first ever Beach Ride!

I remember tacking up at the trailer in the car park and when we were both ready we mounted and walked the horses up over the sand dunes. That first moment of going over the top was breath-taking, the horses stopped in their tracks, ears pricked so far forward they were like arrows pointing out into the deep blue sea! The sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline, the grasses rustling on the dunes behind us and the gulls squawking in the sky, it was like an assault on your senses in the very best way possible!

We walked the horses down to the shoreline and dipped their toes in, my mare was an ex racer (Once owned by the queen you know! Sorry to name drop but it’s my only claim to fame!) and she’d never seen anything like it, but she trusted me to guide her safely and she soon relaxed and happily walked up and down in the breaking surf. As her and my confidence grew we broke into a trot and then a canter.


WOW! What a feeling! The shear exhilaration of cantering your horse in the surf along a totally unspoilt stretch of shoreline is quite simply the best feeling you can imagine! Being totally at one with the powerful animal beneath you beside the power of mother nature’s Ocean! WOW, just WOW! I will NEVER forget that day and I will be forever grateful to Jerry for taking me that first time!


Since that day, I’ve been totally in love with the place and I think I always will be. If you visit, I’m sure you will fall for it too!

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