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Seasonal Style: Autumn Boys 3-12 Months

When it comes to buying clothes for my boys I’ve always found it really frustrating. The girls always have such beautiful outfits and such a huge range to choose from and the boys have half or a quarter of the choice and to be honest very samey samey items year after year. That said, if you’re willing to put the work in and shop around, you can put together some lovely boys outfits.

Now I’m a huge E-bay fan, especially when it comes to buying the kids clothes. They only last them 5 minutes and the smaller they are the less wear and tear they’ve had. I’ve picked up some fantastic used outfits that have looked brand new! Now when buying used clothing you have to look for quality brands, my personal favourites being Mamas & Papas, Next, Marks & Spencer and Joules. All these brands fit beautifully and the quality is fantastic.

Another favourite thing is to bag a bargain in the sales. Now I know fashion changes year on year however when the kids are little they don’t know that! Trust me make the most of those years as it won’t last, they soon turn into fashion victims and will be wanting the latest £150 jumpers and £400 coats before you blink! (I hasten to add that I would never pay that for a jumper or coat regardless of the incessant pleading!!!).
Again looking to these “designer” items, buying used from a trusted source is often a much more affordable option, just be sure to do your homework on the branding so you know you’re not buying a fake.

So here’s just a few outfits I’ve put together for George’s autumn wardrobe:

Cream Double Pompom Hat: Pomskii baby, Mustard Scarf: E-bay seller realistic.goal, Cream Cable Knit Jumper: NEXT, Tattersal Shirt: Used Mamas & Papas E-bay, Mustard Skinny Jeans: NEXT SALE, Navy Suede Loafers: NEXT SALE

Navy Small Check Shirt, Tweed Waistcoat, Rust Cord Trousers: Used Limited Edition Mamas & Papas from E-bay. Whole Outfit £3 + postageUsed Mamas and Papas Outfit from E-bay

Blue Check Shirt: Used Mamas & Papas from E-bay, Navy Cord Bow Tie: Used Mamas & Papas from E-bay, Herringbone Waistcoat: Used Mamas & Papas from E-bay, Jersey Jeans: NEXT, Boots: Firetrap from Sports Direct SALE

For some slightly more casual wear I just LOVE Pigeon Organics, their Ethical cotton clothing is superb quality and we have several pieces, these two being my favourites from their new Autumn/Winter range!

Outer layers will also feature in the autumn wardrobe as we begin to feel a chill in the air.  We don’t go mad with these as we layer lots, but George has one Joules Quilted Coat and several thin jumpers.

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