Beside the Seaside

Beside the Seaside: Morecambe Bay, Lancashire UK

Morecambe Bay was not at all what I expected, to be honest I was a tiny bit disappointed. I’d got this idea that it would be full of amazing seafood shops and be a hustling, bustling traditional seaside town but to my surprise it was nothing like that! It almost felt deserted, hardly a soul to be seen anywhere and most shops on the promenade were closed, even the fun fair wasn’t open. You might be thinking we went out of season, but it was August!

Now don’t get me wrong Morecambe is an amazing place, I’m really pleased we went. There was a lot to see, it just wasn’t what I’d built it up to be in my mind and that’s completely my fault.  I didn’t research it before we went an you know what they say about assumptions!


Our main reason for being up in Lancashire was my partner and eldest were doing their PADI Open Water Scuba Diving qualification with the brilliant Dive a Lot Scuba at Capernwray Dive Centre.  We’d booked a beautiful holiday cottage in Tewitfield for the week and the diving was only for 2 days. The other days I’d planned for us to go up to the Lakes (I LOVE the Lake District!) which we did and then I suggested we go to Morecambe to sample some of the awesome seafood that you hear so much about!


We arrived and walked along the promenade past the impressive Midland Hotel and then out down the Getty where we found the gull sculptures on the rocks and railings. They were quite something and the view across the bay was amazing! We then went to find the Eric Morecambe statue where naturally we all had our pictures taken.

We walked the promenade looking for seafood shops but in fact there was only one shop open which was just a tobacconist with a few souvenirs. At least we could get the obligatory tea towel and fridge magnet!


I never did get my Morecambe seafood but the Fish and Chips we had on the way back to the cottage were the next best thing!

I can’t say Morecambe is for me but I’m certainly glad we went. Happy family memories and both my eldest and partner passed their Diving Course, very proud.

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