Beside the Seaside

Beside the seaside: Cromer, Norfolk UK

Situated on the East Norfolk coastline Cromer is a really lovely seaside town.

Our 1st visit here was all too brief and we plan to return again very soon. There was a lot to see and do in Cromer, when we first arrived we headed to the main shopping area and quickly discovered an array of lovely shops all selling the obligatory souvenirs.

We headed on toward the seafront where we were greeted with the breath taking view of Cromer Pier. Knowing that Cromer is famous for its crabbing, my partner and eldest were very excited to have a go and catch themselves some crabs. Sadly when we walked down to the pier we discovered that the day we chose to go was some sort of competition day and that everyone in the universe was crabbing off the pier. There were crab lines all tangled up all over the place and for a first attempt it wasn’t ideal. I later found out it was the World Crabbing Competition part of the Crab and Lobster Festival!

At the end of the Pier is Cromer Lifeboat Station, it’s really good in that you can go in and look around, see the lifeboat close up and get a real sense of the life of a lifeboat person. My partner and eldest went in first as unfortunately due to the nature of the place children in pushchairs or babies in baby carriers are not allowed. I then went in after with my eldest, I couldn’t get over how big the lifeboat was! I had no idea they were so big, very impressive. We had a look around the RNLI shop and made a few purchases including a Cromer Lifeboat RNLI teddy bear for George.

After another stroll around the pier we decided to go a little further and find the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum only a short walk away.  On our way we discovered a surf school and lovely local market!
The museum is really nice; it is totally accessible and has interactive elements which are great. It’s not huge; we were in and out within about half an hour but we thoroughly enjoyed our time here and I would certainly recommend a visit.

When we left the museum we stopped to watch the sea and the big ships passing in the distance. All of a sudden looking towards the pier where we had been only half an hour earlier the lifeboat launched! It was amazing to witness, however the shout was sadly a real emergency, as far as I know a fishing vessel had got into difficulty. As we watched the Lifeboat disappear it gave me a real sense of respect and gratitude to those people who volunteer their time to the lifeboats and risk their lives to save others. Amazing.IMG_6271

We stopped to have lunch in the extremely popular Rocket House Café which was really lovely. It is situated just next door to the Henry Blogg museum and was absolutely heaving! I had a Cromer Crab sandwich, my eldest a Cromer Crab wrap and my partner a sausage sandwich. All our meals were delicious but if you plan to visit make sure you get there early for a table!

After lunch the weather turned and we were forced to abandon our promenade walk for shelter in the arcades. This was George’s first experience of an arcade and he loved it! All the pretty lights, things moving and people bustling about, there was just so much for him to look at!

Like I say our visit here was far too short and we will most definitely be back!

If you would like to donate to the RNLI please visit my Just Giving page

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