Baby Buys

Baby Keepsakes

To me there’s nothing better than looking back through old photographs, boxes of keepsakes and tiny baby clothes to bring back all those wonderful memories, memories of giving birth, bringing them home, their firsts and family holidays.

I’ll freely admit I’m a bit of a hoarder but this once it has come in rather useful having kept a large amount of my eldest sons clothes, toys and baby gear for 12 years! Now George has some old school favourites to wear that I simply love and they look brand new!

The main thing for me is that I have some things to show the boys when they’re older, something to prove just how much they are loved and how cute they both were! I even want to ensure they both have things they can pass onto their children as my parents have done for me. (Biggest problem with that for my parents is that I seem to breed boys!)

There are the obvious keepsakes but we have a few other special items I wanted to share with you, so here’s my list of our favourite baby keepsakes;

• Baby Book – We have the Guess How Much I Love You on for George but my eldest also has one. This is a lovely way of keeping all the information you want to pass on together in one place. Georges has family trees, firsts, growth charts etc etc and I love it. There’s something really satisfying about filling it in, therapeutic and gives you a great sense of pride.

• Hospital Bands – A traditional one but a good one. We have both boy’s hospital bands and keep them in their Memory birth born careadorable baby beautiful child

• Lock of Hair – From the first haircut. Again traditional but another good one.

• Going home outfit – This is lovely to get out and look at how small they once were! I looked at George’s only the other day and even at 7 months I can hardly believe how tiny he was!

• Baptism/Naming Outfit – Now this depends very much on your own style and beliefs 16473628_1234960026612082_7203837108739959227_nbut we are Christians and I wanted both my boys to be christened. My eldest wore a beautiful white Linen suit which I purchased from Verbaudet 12 years ago! I still have it saved in his memory box and I still love it! But for George we wanted something different and we had a Christening gown handmade for him by the amazing Mandy at First Blessings Etsy. This will be his family heirloom and it is so precious.



• Baptism Bracelet – This was something I did without my partner knowing, it was a Georges Christening 16.09 (46)surprise and although he ‘doesn’t do jewellery’ even he had to admit George’s was something special. I had a bespoke solid silver cuff made for George with the phrase ‘Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow’ by the amazingly talented Dudley & Roo. I am so in love with it! I’ve since purchased more items for myself from her and the quality is exceptional!

Baptism bowl – Now this I found on Etsy and I fell in love with it instantly. It is a cIMG_6748eramic bowl used by the vicar to physically pour the baptism water over baby’s head. It is fully personalised with a 14ct Gold cross. You then write in ceramic pen on the back who has been christened by it and the date. It’s quite simply the sweetest thing to pass on. The very brilliant Clarey Clayworks based in Indiana U.S.A made it and helped get it imported into the UK for me. Well worth it!

• Photobook – I do one of these for the whole family annually without fail. But for baby I do their first year as one along with any Special events such as their baptism. Wait until Photobox have a on sale or a great offer on and go for it!

• A memory box – This is quite simply a cardboard archive box which we fill as the children grow with pictures, mementos from trips, or anything that can hold a memory for them. Each child will have more and more boxes as they grow (I think my eldest now has about 4!)

• Favourite Clothes & Toys – Ok so you may not have another baby like me 12 years after the first but you may have grandchildren one day, you can show them what their parents wore and liked to play with! How cool is that!

And there you have it, memories that will hopefully last a lifetime and more!

Baby Buys

My top 8 buys for baby

Top 8 Must buys for baby:

1. Muslins LOADS of them! – Useful for every eventuality!

At least 10 and possibly more!! I bought ours from Amazon and have some plain and brightly coloured ones. We have pretty much one in every room, some in each car and always have at least 2 in the changing bag. You never know when you might need one!

2. Angelcare Bath seat – A godsend when baby is little.

This seat gives you confidence and holds baby nicely and securely without slipping about. Ideal for inexperienced bath times!

3. Anglecare AC517 video monitor and sensor pad – Absolute peace of mind.

This is by far the best monitor and sensor we found, I’m so happy with it.  The screen is nice and big and the sensor pad is very sensitive giving you complete confidence that if there was a problem you’d know about it virtually immediately! The room temperature display is clear and the night-time image is very good too!

4. Mamas & Papas Ocarro Pushchair – Ok so this one is a biggy!

We absolutely love love love this pushchair! It isn’t the lightest or smallest but it is the most robust and solid pushchair we found! The navy and leather look is just so classy and all the great features are hard to beat! We went for the whole bundle and even treated ourselves to the matching footmuff!

5. Joie 360 All stage Car seat – Where was this seat 12 years ago!

The 360 degree swivel on this seat makes life SOOOOO much easier to get baby in and out of the car! It’s lovely and padded it cuddles baby in position and is really great quality.  We chose this signature edition with the leather binding from Mamas & Papas, I would always recommend getting them to talk to you about your requirements.  We went to Lincoln store and they were fantastic!



6. Growbags – These fantastic products have helped my babies be good sleepers from day dot! I firmly believe that they are the reason my boys sleep so well now. The tog options, designs and general brilliance of these products are second to non. We’ve tried cheaper alternatives and they just don’t cut it like a Growbag. The fit and durability is fantastic, no loose covers to taffle up in, no getting cold in the middle of the night and easy access changing. We chose the Ollie the Owl as it fits in with our nursery décor! Perfect!


The Gro Company Grobag Ollie the Owl Sleeping Bag, 2.5 Tog, 0-6 Months, Grey

7. Mamas & Papas Light and sound play mat – This is quite possibly George’s favourite thing! Even from being tiny he loved to lay beneath the lights listening to the soothing sounds. You can flat pack it away when not in use and the batteries have lasted 6 months and are still going! A firm favourite!


8. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – What a godsend!

Now I’m an advocate for breastfeeding and I breastfed both my boys however due to my own medical reasons I am only allowed to do this for 3 months so when weaning onto bottles this machine was a revelation! All done in a flash, bottle is ready to drink and no stress whatsoever! We love ours and it gave my partner loads of confidence that the milk he made up was done correctly.


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep and Complete Feeding Bundle – White

So there you have it! my top 8 buys for baby!

Check out my top 8 buys for a new Mum in another blog post coming soon!