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Holiday Hell: Best Tenerife Hotel, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife.

Now this might be a holiday hell review but Tenerife as a holiday destination is an amazing place.  I wouldn’t want to put anyone off visiting this gorgeous country, the volcanic scenery really is something special and I dare say you could have an absolutely fantastic holiday here. Sadly our Tenerife holiday was completely spoiled by the “Best” (aka WORST) Tenerife Hotel.  I would love to go back to Tenerife and give it a second chance but I would NEVER stay at this Hotel again!

Quite literally from the moment we walked into the reception to check in you could tell the 4* rating was a completely false representation of this hotel. It looked incredibly dated and not at all what we’d been sold! Our flight times meant we arrived at the hotel just after they had finished serving the evening meal and despite asking at the reception desk we were told there were no provisions for late arrival travellers, not even a sandwich or bottle of water!

After checking in we made our own way to our room and found it to be incredibly basic, dirty and generally not up to a 4* standard. The beds were so hard I may as well have been sleeping on the floor, although if I’d have done that I would have had to share with all the ants! Needless to say we barely slept a wink the whole time we were there.

Our first experience of the “food” was the following morning when we went down for “Breakfast”.  I use the term breakfast in the loosest sense of the word as what was provided was barely suitable for feeding to a stray dog! I settled on some miscellaneous cheese and a slice of what could possibly have been ham, who knows as nothing was labelled and if you suffered allergies it was pot luck! All meals thereafter were of equal repulsiveness and myself and my son lived on foul tasting chips, possibly Ham and cheese for the duration of our stay.

Now we had paid for all-inclusive and therefore on our first full day we went to go and get ourselves some drinks and an ice cream from the bar. We were very quickly informed that the “ALL” inclusive drinks were from a dispenser in the corner! Serve yourself! If I recall correctly you could have red or white wine (replace the word wine for vinegar!), some miscellaneous watered down “beer” that my partner said tasted ‘off’, a selection of “Spirits” which again were all miscellaneous bottles and the one I dared to try tasted like cough medicine. When it came to ice-creams they had a lovely poster displaying a large selection of Cornetto’s, Magnum’s and ice lollies etc, however the only one allowed for “all” inclusive customers was a nasty Choc Ice!

It was utterly disgraceful! I have NEVER been so appalled by a hotel in my life! I’d spent thousands of pounds on what was sold to us by our local travel agent to be this amazing luxury holiday and it was the polar opposite! (Needless to say we complained and took matters a lot further when we got back to the UK!)

So take note, when booking your holiday’s just check that all-inclusive actually means ALL inclusive! Having stayed all-inclusive in various hotels previously I didn’t expect it to mean anything else but ALL inclusive so be warned, it is not guaranteed!

Now appalling hotel aside, Tenerife IS amazing and during our time there we did have some great days, trips out and I would certainly recommend doing the following;

  •  Siam Park – OMG this place is out of this world! THE best water park EVER! We had an amazing time here. The organisation from the hotel was again shocking but once we were there it was fantastic! I would definitely go back if we returned to Tenerife. The rides were exhilarating and the Siam beach was amazing! The wave machine was huge and it was just the best fun, just what we needed on our holiday from hell!
  •  Mount Teide Jeep Safari Tour – This was again another fab day out, touring all around the island in the back of an open top jeep! All around these amazing tracks and up Mount Teide, then a stop off for a traditional Tenerife meal. Great fun, our tour guide was hilarious and I would certainly do it again. The views were spectacular and gave you a real sense of the islands history and special nature.
  • Crazy Golf at Mini Golf Santiago in Playa de las Americas – This was so much fun, it does get busy but we went just as it was getting dark and the lights and effects are great! Would highly recommend you do this if you visit.

Playa de las Americas is also a nice area, there are plenty of shops and entertainment. The musical fountain is especially nice of an evening.  The beach is nice (although MUCH further from our hotel than we were advised!) and there are parasols and loungers you can hire too but be warned my eldest was stung by a jelly fish whilst swimming here!

The only other activity my partner and eldest participated in was a Scuba diving excursion with Blue diving school.  First they went snorkelling which they both really enjoyed, it gave my eldest loads of confidence in the sea and he was beaming when they’d finished.  Then in the afternoon they were both to go scuba diving.  My more experienced partner completed and enjoyed his dive but my eldest was 11 at the time and didn’t manage to get down and dive at all.  The equipment was leaking air which scared him, they did replace the leaking regulator but then forced him to walk quite a distance carrying all the very heavy gear with no help in the heat of the day.    By the time he got to the sea he was exhausted and panicking.  The Blue dive school were very unhelpful, showed no sympathy to him whatsoever, they dragged him out of the sea and abandoned him on the beach in all his heavy kit as they all buggered off diving!  He was distraught and absolutely devastated he hadn’t managed to dive and I certainly would not recommend this trip for anyone under the age of 16.
Tenerife 2016_098
In hindsight we shouldn’t have gone abroad for his first scuba experience but he was a very confident swimmer and it was something he was more than capable of given the proper instruction.

He passed his PADI Open Water on returning to the UK thanks to the amazing instruction and training from the team at DIVE A LOT SCUBA who built his confidence back up. I can’t praise them highly enough!

Activities with Baby

How to entertain a baby: Our Top 25 Clean Sensory Play Things

It’s a fact, babies just don’t stay babies for long, and at some point the cuddles and snuggles will not be enough, they will need….entertaining!

To coin a phrase…. How hard can it be?….well let me tell you, sometimes VERY hard indeed! Bearing in mind your precious little one will probably have an attention span of about a millisecond; you’ll need the largest box of tricks known to man in order to keep them entertained for long.

Now luckily they start off slowly, they get tired quickly, so this is their way of easing us into eventually spending 4 hours playing Monopoly or similar!
I started looking into sensory play and discovered a wealth of fantastic ideas to not only entertain baby but begin the very important process of learning too. Something to stimulate the senses and that baby can join in with, rather than just sitting/laying watching you do something! (Cause let’s face it that would be boring!)

I started by buying a large clear storage box with a lid, this would become the sensory box and would sit in our living room, on hand, for when entertainment was required. Then as I was out and about I’d be looking in shops and in nature to find things that would be safe but interesting to touch, hear etc. I found no end of inspiration on Pinterest and dedicated a board to all the ideas I liked.

I’ve compiled a list of what’s in our box so hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration too;

1. Tambourine – Lots of noise!
2. Maraca – Slightly less noise!
3. Spikey Ball & Ring – These are by far Georges Favourite items
4. Holey Ball – This can be stuffed with fabric scraps for them to pull out too
5. Little Tikes Drum – Lights up and plays tunes responding to the taps

6. Space Blanket – NOTE: this is a noisy one!!!!! They love it though, lay them on top and as they wriggle around it makes loads of rustly noise!
7. Bright Coloured tubs – Picnic pots from ASDA but they stack and you can hide things under them to find!
8. Transparent Rainbow Pencil case – Hold it up to a light, Magic!
9. Rain Shaker – My partner bought this as a souvenir in Mexico years ago but the sound is fantastic and George loves listening to it.
10. Plastic Bottles filled with different things! – We have one with Multi-coloured Plastic Buttons, one with wooden beads, one with clear Crystals and they all make a different sound too. We also have one with fluffy pompoms (I like this one best as its silent!)

11. Ribbons tied to a wooden curtain loop – An odd one I found on Pinterest but its fab, you can customise the colours, do a black & white one, multi-coloured, whatever you fancy!
12. A car polishing mitten – Another favourite, he loves feeling the microfiber fingers.
13. A shimmering rainbow fabric length – This can be wafted over them when lying down, they can snuggle it, held up in the sun it looks fab too!
14. A Shimmering Starry length of Fabric – This one I discovered at our Daisy Baby Wrigglers group and I just loved it! I sourced the fabric online and made our own night sky at home.
15. Feathers – I found some bright coloured craft ones.

16. Artificial Leaves – Sprinkle them over them as they lay down! George loves this!
17. Large Sparkly Pipe Cleaners – NOTE: you do need to be careful with these as they contain wire and they can hurt themselves if left to their own devises!
18. Bubbles! – No sensory box would be complete without a tube of bubbles for blowing! (TIP: Carry one in your changing bag too, just in case you need entertainment on the go!)
19. Sparkly Balls – Roll them about and the glitter disperses, let them stay still and it all settles. Fascinating!
20. A shower Puff – A clean unused one obviously, but the texture is a great new discovery!

21. A light up bow – Fibre optic light up present bow, changes colour.
22. A Cat teaser toy – NOTE: Shut the cats OUT the room when attempting play with this one!
23. A shimmering Gift Bag – In the sun this never fails to attract their attention!
24. A mermaid Cushion – George has a black/silver one and is fascinated by it!
25. Ok so this one technically isn’t in the box but it is something to entertain – No mess Painting! Another idea borrowed from Pinterest. Place a piece of paper in a zip lock food bag, put a few dollops of ready mixed paint on the paper, zip shut and tape down to their highchair tray. Encourage them to push the paint about inside the bag! Voila! Painting but without the mess!

There are so many more ideas to try and as we learn some more I will be sure to keep sharing them!

Beside the Seaside

Beside the seaside: Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire UK

Located on the East Coast of Lincolnshire, Mablethorpe is a great place to visit, there really is something for everyone.

The beach is superbly clean and goes on for miles! The waves tend to be a little kinder and the little ones can play in the (usually warmer) shallow streams that form when the tide goes out. The very gently sloping beach is also great as the kids can play quite far out in the sea but generally still touch the floor! (Parental supervision required mind!)

We always start off at the North End where it’s a little quieter, away from the main promenade, so you get a nice bit of beach pretty much to yourself!
The car park at the North end couldn’t be any better, you simply park up, walk over the dune and you’re on the beach! There’s even a little shop selling teas, coffees and beach paraphernalia.

The thing I like most about Mablethorpe is that you can have the best of both worlds. If you like the hubbub of the main promenade area it’s great, with all the arcades, funfair and shops but if like me you like a slightly more sedate seaside experience 5 mins down the road you can have the peace and quiet too.  We normally do half and half!

There is also something very special that you just don’t get in many places and that’s the Sand Train! A train that drives up and down the beach, in the breaking surf, which for the kiddies (and big kiddies!) is so much fun!

We’ve had no end of great family times at Mablethorpe, flying kites, building sandcastles and playing in the arcades. When it comes to lunch, Monty’s Fish & Chips is our top tip! Located on Fitzwilliam Street near the main promenade area the food there is absolutely delicious.  We normally sit in which is great option when you have little ones in tow plus they can have a pit stop there too!

Another lovely place we like to go and have a nice ice cream is Mr. G’s on the seafront. A fantastic café which does food, drinks and of course Ice cream including a mean Knickerbocker Glory!

We highly recommend Mablethorpe for a great family day out! Its a regular for us!

Health & Beauty

Indulge in some ME time – My 10 favourite ‘Pamper Mummy’ items

Ok so you’re working really hard being this amazing new mum and everything’s beginning to settle into a bit of a routine (or maybe not, but don’t worry!). Little one has everything they could possibly ever need; everyone is fed, watered and still alive! You’re doing a GREAT JOB!

Question is….How are YOU? Have YOU had 5 minutes peace today? The likelihood is you’re probably a little bit (or a lotta bit) knackered and you’ve forgotten what the word ‘peace’ means! Again, don’t worry you’re doing a GREAT JOB! This is completely normal and all part of the being a parent thing!

However sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to be nice to yourself! Even if it’s just a simple little 5 second thing that makes you feel good, DO IT! You DESERVE IT! You made a whole person!!!!!!!

There are a few things that I like to make me feel a little more human, a little less Mum, a little more ME, calmer and just a bit ahhhhh…….

Here’s my favourite ‘Pamper Mummy’ items;

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Bath & Shower Milk
1.Clarins Eau Ressourcante Bath and Shower Cream 150 ml This smells absolutely divine, it reminds me of a Spa day I had at Eden Hall, it instantly takes me back to sitting in my dressing gown, totally relaxed having my facial. I use this in the shower when I need a little ME time.
Elemis Sweet Orchid Body Cream
2. ELEMIS Sweet Orchid Body Cream – Exquisite Body Cream, 50mlAnother little luxury from the very same Spa day, lovely and light, gorgeous fragrance and after a nice soak (if you’re lucky) in the bath it’s a fab ME time thing!
Clarins Eau Ressourcante Spray
3. Clarins Eau Ressourcante Spray I use this at bedtime if I’m feeling a little tense or anxious for the very same reasons as the Bath & Shower Milk. Divine and helps me drift off to sleep which as a new mum is often the best ME time you can get!
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Perfume
4. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Eau de Parfum spray 80 ml Sometimes you just need a spritz of perfume to lift your spirits. This is one of my absolute favs and definitely a ME time staple.
Paul Smith Portrait Perfume
5. Paul Smith Portrait for Women Eau De Parfum Spray for Her 80 ml Another of my staple perfumes, harder to find this one nowadays but I love it and always feel great when wearing it, perfect as a treat for ME.
Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm
6. Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, 15 ml A lovely way to take care of your lips in the colder weather to come, this is a staple item in my ME time box of tricks!
Baylis & Harding Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil cream hand wash
7. Baylis & Harding Hand Wash, Jojoba, Silk and Almond Oil, 500 ml, Pack of 3 Ok so you might not have chance for a shower or a bath to make you feel good but you’re going to wash your hands at some point today right? Right! This totally luxurious, gorgeously scented hand wash is the answer! A waft of this and it never fails to put a smile on my face, it’s just so nice! A little bit of ME time every time you wash your hands! Perfect!
Drying your Hair
8. Drying my hair! So I hardly ever do this anymore. I’ll often wash it then scrape it back into the obligatory ‘messy bun’ or ponytail and that’s it. To actually take a few minutes to just dry your hair can be enough to give you that ME time you need! It feels like an absolute luxury!
Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away 60 Second Shine Nail Varnish
9. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish, 498 Rain Rain Go Away, 8 ml Now although you may need to pick your moment to apply this, I have to say it’s a complete game changer! Dries quickly and I just LOVE this nude colour! My absolute Favourite, and having your nails done (even if you DIY) always makes me feel good! Perfect ME time equipment!
Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask
10.Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask, 75 mlnice to give yourself 5 minutes of ME time. Your face feels so soft and hydrated after using this lovely face mask, it’s my favourite part of my ME time skincare routine.
Beside the Seaside

Beside the seaside: Cromer, Norfolk UK

Situated on the East Norfolk coastline Cromer is a really lovely seaside town.

Our 1st visit here was all too brief and we plan to return again very soon. There was a lot to see and do in Cromer, when we first arrived we headed to the main shopping area and quickly discovered an array of lovely shops all selling the obligatory souvenirs.

We headed on toward the seafront where we were greeted with the breath taking view of Cromer Pier. Knowing that Cromer is famous for its crabbing, my partner and eldest were very excited to have a go and catch themselves some crabs. Sadly when we walked down to the pier we discovered that the day we chose to go was some sort of competition day and that everyone in the universe was crabbing off the pier. There were crab lines all tangled up all over the place and for a first attempt it wasn’t ideal. I later found out it was the World Crabbing Competition part of the Crab and Lobster Festival!

At the end of the Pier is Cromer Lifeboat Station, it’s really good in that you can go in and look around, see the lifeboat close up and get a real sense of the life of a lifeboat person. My partner and eldest went in first as unfortunately due to the nature of the place children in pushchairs or babies in baby carriers are not allowed. I then went in after with my eldest, I couldn’t get over how big the lifeboat was! I had no idea they were so big, very impressive. We had a look around the RNLI shop and made a few purchases including a Cromer Lifeboat RNLI teddy bear for George.

After another stroll around the pier we decided to go a little further and find the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum only a short walk away.  On our way we discovered a surf school and lovely local market!
The museum is really nice; it is totally accessible and has interactive elements which are great. It’s not huge; we were in and out within about half an hour but we thoroughly enjoyed our time here and I would certainly recommend a visit.

When we left the museum we stopped to watch the sea and the big ships passing in the distance. All of a sudden looking towards the pier where we had been only half an hour earlier the lifeboat launched! It was amazing to witness, however the shout was sadly a real emergency, as far as I know a fishing vessel had got into difficulty. As we watched the Lifeboat disappear it gave me a real sense of respect and gratitude to those people who volunteer their time to the lifeboats and risk their lives to save others. Amazing.IMG_6271

We stopped to have lunch in the extremely popular Rocket House Café which was really lovely. It is situated just next door to the Henry Blogg museum and was absolutely heaving! I had a Cromer Crab sandwich, my eldest a Cromer Crab wrap and my partner a sausage sandwich. All our meals were delicious but if you plan to visit make sure you get there early for a table!

After lunch the weather turned and we were forced to abandon our promenade walk for shelter in the arcades. This was George’s first experience of an arcade and he loved it! All the pretty lights, things moving and people bustling about, there was just so much for him to look at!

Like I say our visit here was far too short and we will most definitely be back!

If you would like to donate to the RNLI please visit my Just Giving page

Home Decor, Nursery

Nursery Style: Woodland Theme

Planning how you would like your nursery is one of the best things an expectant mum can do! Daydreaming of curtains, bedding, paint colours and furnishings is such a wonderful way to pass the time! I must confess (and others who know me would most definitely agree) I’m a little OCD about how I like things to look and I go into every minute detail right down to the handles on the drawers and hooks on the wall.

This is why I TOTALLY LOVE our nursery! I knew as soon as I found out we were expecting that wanted a woodland theme nursery. Trouble was I just can’t stand all those tacky cartoon character designs that seem to be loved everywhere! I wanted something more sophisticated and elegant than that, something classy but still exciting for baby. So this is where my OCD planning kicked in!

The very first thing we bought for the nursery was something I would NEVER normally have considered! A mural, a huge vinyl sticker that covers and entire wall, not normally something I would associate with sophistication or elegance! I found it in the Lake District in a little shop on the shore of Lake Winderemere and knew instantly we had to have it! It was a Silver birch forest scene and I just knew it would be perfect for a feature wall in the nursery. We had to take an educated guess on which size to buy and luckily we got it right!

Used Oak Furniture land Cot and Woodland wall Vinyl
Used Oak Furniture land Cot and Woodland wall Vinyl

Georges Nursery was our larger spare bedroom and was painted by previous occupants in a very bland lemon yellow. Now although it was a neutral colour and was in good nick it simply had to go! The colour I had my heart set on was a light olive green but every range of paint we looked at the colour just wasn’t right! It was either too minty or too limey and it drove me quite bonkers searching for the perfect colour. There were so many samples all over the wall eventually I thought ‘sod this’ and mixed two together to see how it would look! That was the EUREKA moment! I’d done it, I’d finally found the perfect colour, all I needed to do now was get it mixed up. Off we went to Homebase where they mixed up my perfect green! We opted for the Dulux wipeable base so we can give the walls a good clean up if an explosive Poonami should occur!

So that was the walls sorted! Next were the curtains.

Now it’s been said that I have expensive tastes, and despite me trying really hard not to pick THE most expensive things it seems it’s inevitable! When looking at fabric for curtains I came across the most amazing Voyage Enchanted Forest Fabric! I’d never heard of it before and had no idea at the time that it is SUPER expensive and sadly I let myself fall in love with it! Needless to say once I figured out the curtains for both windows would cost nearly £400 I had to change my mind PDQ (Pretty Dam Quick)! I’ll admit I was absolutely gutted as I really did LOVE that fabric but happily I did find something else which actually suited better. We took a trip to Dunelm and I came across these gorgeous oak leaf patterned curtains. They were ready made and a perfect fit for our window sizes and the colours couldn’t have been more perfect, it’s as if I’d picked them personally to match! Decision made, they were the ones! Black out blinds were my next must have as they really are invaluable in the summer months when you’re trying to get little one to go down for a nap! We found some lovely ones at Dunelm in a muted brown Bee pattern and again they were ready made and a perfect fit!

The cot was our next big thing; I was after a Solid Oak cot to fit in with the woodland theme. We looked everywhere but they were either too expensive or poor quality and that simply wouldn’t do. So we started looking on the second-hand market and found my dream cot Oak and cream (that new was WAY out of our price range) for an absolute bargain price only there was a small catch… it was over 150 miles away! Being pregnant really does have its perks and one wide eyed “please” look later and my partner was soon driving to fetch it for our baby! (Yes he’s THAT amazing!)

Customised 12 year old IKEA Changing table
Customised 12 year old IKEA Changing table

So with the cot bought and only a few items left we were getting on brilliantly. The wardrobe was actually a no brainer, we had a pine one that was already in situe and would be perfect with loads of drawers for storage too. The changing table was the next obstacle, I really liked my old Ikea changing table but it was 12 years old, the drawers weren’t great and needed attention and it was totally the wrong look for our new nursery.   No matter how many others I looked at, they just weren’t as good as my old one. So this turned into my partners nursery project, he decided to re-vamp my old cherished one, painting it the same colour cream as the cot and changing all the drawer handles for oak ones that matched perfectly! It’s fantastic!

Nursing Chair from Smyths Toy Superstore
Nursing Chair from Smyths Toy Superstore

A nursing chair was something I always wanted with my eldest but sadly my tiny old house didn’t have room for one. Now was my chance to get one and having tried out several I went for the Glider nursing chair and footstool from, believe it or not, Smyths Toy Superstore! It was by far the comfiest and much more reasonably priced than others we’d looked at.  I absolutely love it!

Used Pine Toy Chest, Gro egg Owl & Artificial Flower display
Used Pine Toy Chest, Gro egg Owl & Artificial Flower display

A toy chest for me is an essential piece for a nursey and I found a second hand pine one on Facebook Marketplace only a few minutes down the road from us. It needed a little TLC which I tasked my Dad with and he did an amazing job, it really is beautiful. Because it’s old it has a stunning patina and such character, we finished it off by waxing it and getting a wooden name plaque made up with George’s name on.

When it comes to cot bedding I’d already had my eye on the Welcome to the world Mamas & Papas set. It was gender neutral in white and grey and is super cute! Our set included a duvet, cot bumper, mobile, sleeping bag, cellular blanket and fitted sheet. The other extra bedding I got were some fabulous The Little Green Sheep Wild Cotton Cot/Cotbed Fitted Sheet (Woodland) which have a beautiful acorn pattern on, I simply couldn’t resist!

Accessories which finish off the look are;

Welcome to the world wall vinyl from Mamas & Papas
Large brown Sheepskin rug from TK MAXX
Gilt Squirrel and rabbit coat hooks, set of 4 from NEXT (Last year)
Wrendale Designs tall Calendar for keeping track of all those appointments and activities
Wooden storage boxes from TK MAXX for nappies and lotions on the changing table
Cushions from Dunelm and Mole Country Stores
Artificial flower display, hand selected stems from various garden centres and put together myself. The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer with Oona the Owl Shellroom thermostat
Hedwig the owl, Dumbledores Wand and Harry Potters Glasses all from the Warner Bros Studio Tour
Rabbit light from George at ASDA, Toadstools from a garden centre
Acorn Door Stop was an ornament from TK MAXX which we’ve customised by adding sand to make it heavy enough.
Fairy wishes from the truly amazing Fantasy Wire
Antique Brass Curtain hold backs from E-bay

Beside the Seaside

Beside the Seaside: Morecambe Bay, Lancashire UK

Morecambe Bay was not at all what I expected, to be honest I was a tiny bit disappointed. I’d got this idea that it would be full of amazing seafood shops and be a hustling, bustling traditional seaside town but to my surprise it was nothing like that! It almost felt deserted, hardly a soul to be seen anywhere and most shops on the promenade were closed, even the fun fair wasn’t open. You might be thinking we went out of season, but it was August!

Now don’t get me wrong Morecambe is an amazing place, I’m really pleased we went. There was a lot to see, it just wasn’t what I’d built it up to be in my mind and that’s completely my fault.  I didn’t research it before we went an you know what they say about assumptions!


Our main reason for being up in Lancashire was my partner and eldest were doing their PADI Open Water Scuba Diving qualification with the brilliant Dive a Lot Scuba at Capernwray Dive Centre.  We’d booked a beautiful holiday cottage in Tewitfield for the week and the diving was only for 2 days. The other days I’d planned for us to go up to the Lakes (I LOVE the Lake District!) which we did and then I suggested we go to Morecambe to sample some of the awesome seafood that you hear so much about!


We arrived and walked along the promenade past the impressive Midland Hotel and then out down the Getty where we found the gull sculptures on the rocks and railings. They were quite something and the view across the bay was amazing! We then went to find the Eric Morecambe statue where naturally we all had our pictures taken.

We walked the promenade looking for seafood shops but in fact there was only one shop open which was just a tobacconist with a few souvenirs. At least we could get the obligatory tea towel and fridge magnet!


I never did get my Morecambe seafood but the Fish and Chips we had on the way back to the cottage were the next best thing!

I can’t say Morecambe is for me but I’m certainly glad we went. Happy family memories and both my eldest and partner passed their Diving Course, very proud.