Just for Grownups

Grown up days out

We all know being a parent is tough, it’s fantastic, but just sometimes it gets a bit much! Some people may frown at that but that’s ok, they might be SUPER MUM or SUPER DAD but for little old me it truly can get a little overbearing at times. That’s when a Grown-Up day out can save my sanity!

Now I would never say I prefer a grown-up day out more than a family day out because I adore taking the kids out with us but there are some places that kids just don’t want to go! It’s easier when they’re younger as they don’t really have an opinion and just go where you go BUT as they get bigger, more hormonal and attitudal TRUST ME you’ll be lucky to drag them out of their room for food let alone go out!

So the grown-up day out relieves all that stress and agro! No huge heavy changing bags to lug about, no pushchair to wrestle in/out the car or up and down steps, no thinking about what time they need feeding next, dirty bums, or where the nearest toilet is, no constant questioning of ‘When are we going home?’ or ‘How much longer are we gonna be here?’! Just drop them off with the sitter/grandparents/nursery/childminder and away you go!

A grown-up day out is, quite simply, delightful!

My Fiancé and I have been on a few Grown-up days out and over the next few weeks I’ll happily be sharing with you my favourites so far.

So to set the ball rolling here’s the first….

Chatsworth House & Gardens

Home of the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire and passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family Chatsworth House is located in the Peak District, Derbyshire and quite simply it is breath-taking!

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The glorious gilt façade glistening golden in the Autumn sunlight is truly a spectacle to behold! The gardens are equally beautiful throughout the year with their glorious water features and stunning planting.  When you go inside you are sure to be blown away by the opulent beauty of the house, the vast collection of wonderful artworks is magnificent from paintings to sculptures and items of historical importance.

There really is nothing I don’t like about Chatsworth and although I’ve already been several times (with and without the kiddies) I could happily continue to come back again and again and never tire of the stunning landscape and of admiring the glorious house.

They run various events throughout the year, courses, exhibitions and activities.  I recently attended a herbalist course held in and around the Kitchen garden and found it to be very informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

From 10th November 2018 the house is dressed for Christmas, they have a different theme every year, and what a sight to behold! This years theme is Once Upon a Time and promises to be enchanting! I can’t wait!  The festivities also include the already sold out Masquerade Ball and I am determined ‘I shall go to the ball‘ one of these years!

The Café and restaurant serve fantastic food and the wonderful Orangery gift shop or in fact any of the gift shops are bound to entice you to take home a little memento of your visit!

I would say this is my perfect Grown-ups day out!

(I must add there are activities for children too, The farmyard and playground are a huge hit with the kiddies and they are made very welcome around the gardens and house too, although no pushchairs or backpack style carriers are allowed in the house.)